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Transportation Engineering

An M.Tech. Programme (of two years) in Transportation Engineering is offered in the department of Civil Engineering at GMRIT. Students are admitted into the programme on the basis of their scores in PGCET and counseling.

The Transportation Programme is designed based on the cutting edge technology of Transportation with multi-modal research. This course covers the following wide ranging subject areas:

  • Transportation planning,
  • Pavement Analysis and Design,
  • Project management,
  • Pavement materials,
  • Traffic Engineering,
  • Aviation Technology,
  • Design and Maintenance of Rural Roads,
  • GIS application in Transportation engineering,
  • Ground improvement Techniques,
  • Urban Transportation and Planning,
  • Project Engineering,
  • Bridge Engineering etc.   

The Multi Disciplinary approach provides flexibility in designing both course work and research activities addressing a wide array of interests of the students. A personalized approach of mentoring ensures that the students should have a clear understanding of the Technical and Social Elements of Transportation Engineering and  should be well prepared to pursue academic, research, government or consulting careers.


To provide the students interested in  acquiring in-depth knowledge in the field of pavement materials, Highway engineering, Traffic studies and pavement managing systems.
To provide the students hands on practice in latest equipment and software in the field of Transportation Engineering along with their relevant applications
Laboratory Facilities 

The department is in possession of state-of-the–art  laboratory facilities with the   latest equipment and software as mentioned below: Marshall Stability Apparatus ,Pavement Core Drilling Machine, Road Rougho meter, Benkelman Beam Deflection Apparatus,Plate Bearing Test, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Ductility Testing Machine, Field CBR Test Equipment, Flash and Fire Point Test Equipment, Bitumen Extraction Test Equipment, Total Station surveying instrument, GPS Receiver and  Benteley- Mx Suite software.

Project for Assignment Areas 

Traffic impact evaluation of BRTS at Kancharapalem junction, Visakhapatnam, Road widening analysis using GIS to the road stretch from Cheepurupalli to Palakonda, Identification and improvement of accident prone locations on MDR in Rajam, Traffic volume studies, speed and delay studies, Parking studies, signal design at various places in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts by students As a part of Practical course work and Add-on Course at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

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